Being Timely

You need to figure out how often you need to go on-line to visit the course. Some instructors will specifically tell you. Others don't have the foggiest idea themselves. It all depends on the Course Webbie Index from above. If it is low, you can get on when you feel like it or just at times to impress your parents. But whatever, you should always get on-line before exams to check notes and messages.

If the Webbie Index is moderate, you should get on at the points when the instructor demands it. If you get on too much, you will be disappointed and will just be wasting your time.

If it is moderately high, you should be on to check things at least once a week. And if it is high, you should be on-line at least every other day, preferably before each class period, and other time to complete assignments.

There are two reasons for timeliness. Both have to do with getting a good grade. But the first has has to do with getting a good grade based on academic performance and the second with getting points for attendance and participation.

Let's take the first. Here's a couple of no-brainer's: It's best to turn in assignments before they are due rather than after. It is better to study for an exam before the exam rather than a day after the exam. So it is with the Web-based course. Check the syllabus and the calendar. Get on to study notes before the exam and enough before the exam that if there are computer problems you wont suffer a disaster.

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