Past/Present/Future of Computers

As little as 15 years ago, there were no personal computers. This meant that there were no internet, email, word processing programs..nothing! The invention of personal computers is somewhat of a miracle for students. Here are some examples to remind you of the ease and beauty of having computers.

Writing term papers can be a treacherous task in itself, but it is magnified if one has to use a TYPEWRITER!!! We take for granted being able to add in sentences, move paragraphs, etc.. If you decided to add or remove anything for a typed document, you would have to take out the white out or just retype the entire page.

Doing research is an incredibly annoying task. We all have to do it for classes. Well can you remember when libraries were not electronic. Do the words dewey decil system or card catalogs ring a bell.

If you are one of the rare, overeager students that attempt contact with your professors you can probably appreciate emailing. Yes, email can be used for educational purposes as well as, entertainment. Emailing a professor is the quickest and easiest way of communicating with teachers. Without computers we would be playing phone tag or running around to their office hours.

Computers have now become an essential component on college campuses and in the classroom. Right now there are classes that are entirely web-based. These classes do not rely upon notebooks or textbooks. Everything is on a web page. Students take their exams, notes, and readings right from this web page.

The technology that computer science field is unimaginable. Things that we take for granted were viewed as unattainable a few years back. Now the use of computers in classrooms is increasing at an expeditious rate. Who now how the future of computers will effect the process of education. Cyber colleges? Telecommuting? Implanting a chip on a specific curriculm into your brain?

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