Fun And Games

So while you are mastering instructional technology as a student, surfing the Net, and skateboarding the cyberspace, have some fun as you wax your board. Here's some stuff to do on the light side while in your courses..

Group Fun
Study groups are great, but only when they are fun. Get into chat rooms to discuss sports, music, or your instructor's selection of ties. Start a discussion group to promote your rock band. Make friends in class through the Web.

Surfing Solo
As for promoting yourself and your ideas, the way to do it is with personal web pages. Most universities and colleges actually give you space on their servers where you can put a Web page and many on-line services provide free Web space as long as they can flash advertising as your visitors come and go. For you Newbies the way to do it, is to find a personal Web page you like, copy it in to your directory, and change all of the text and images to put in your stuff. Don't tell anybody but that's how I started several years ago. I copied Heather Nova's page. Don't worry, since then she changed her page and I've changed mine.

Impressing the Teach
But the most profitable fun is from stuff you can do to impress your instructor. This used to be the derogatory game of brown-nosing. Now it is sophisticated game of cyber-nosing. Here's how to it. Find out what you can about the instructor from his or her Web pages. Then when you are browsing the Web and you find stuff related to the course or to something that might be of interest to the instructor, email him or her with the URL. Send emails with jokes or illustrations that the instructor could use in class. If you find images send them as email attachments.

How to be a Pain
Cyber-nosing pushed too far can be particularly fun with the Techno-Polyanna and Techno-Geek; and if done right, can cure them of digital delusions by the end of the semester. For the Techno-Patsie it won't take much to push them over the edge. Here's how to do it. Newbies can take the low-tech route and just email the instructor about everything. Webbies can take the high-tech route. A novel way to do this is to set up a counter-course page for students in the class. Post old exams, notes, jokes and stories about the instructor, etc., anonymously, of course. And if you are really sophisticated, block the instructor from finding and accessing the page!

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