The Dark Side

George Orwell's book, 1984 is required reading! What does this have to do with courses on the Web? Everything. If we can get education on the Web, we can control the population. Who is the "we"? Well we don't know yet and we may never know, but the point is merely that we lose control, we lose individuality, and someone or something has control over our lives. Sure the media, newspapers and television, have a measure of control; the government another measure; e-commerse is gaining its market share, but education on-line will complete the deal.

You've already got financial records on file, medical records, and buying habits. Now we (or somebody) will have all of your educational/learning records on file. I'm not just talking about your transcripts. I'm talking about every paper you submit, every answer on an exam, every response in a discussion, and every click of your mouse.

What can you do about it short of dropping out of school and heading for the hills? Here's a list of preventative measures:

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