Psyc 798J: Graduate Seminar Special Topics: Doing Psychological Research on the Internet: Issues and Methods, Fall 2013

Course Description:

In the past ten years the Internet has taken off. At the same time a number of researchers in psychology have started to use the Internet as a vehicle for hosting online experiments of all sorts. In this course we will look at all of the issues regarding the use of this media and learn some of the programming and computer skills to host our own experiments online.

This course will cover the following topics:

Students will be involved in a project of setting up an online experiment, collecting the (pilot) data, and helping to write up the results for online dissemination.

For examples of online experiments in my lab, go to

Grades will be based on class participation, assignments, and completion of a class project.

Instructor: Dr. Kent L. Norman

Office: BPS 3123F
phone: (301) 405-5924

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PSYC798J/INST728E: Doing Psychological Research on the Internet: Issues and Methods

Introduction to Research on the Internet

Proj 1: Class Profile

Plan for the Course

Tools, Examples, and Techniques
Readings 1
Proj 2: Being a Participant

Commercial Packages vs. Do It Yourself

Web Page Design
Readings 2
Proj 3: HTML Page


Hosting Surveys
Readings 3
Proj 4: Qualtronics Survey


Sampling Issues
Readings 4
Proj 5: FileMaker Survey


Ethical Issues
Readings 5
Proj 6: Javascript

More Javascript

Implementing Experimental Designs
Readings 6
Proj 7: Finding Violators

Task Flow

Dealing with Databases
Readings 7
Proj 8: Data Analysis

FileMaker, MySQL, php, etc.

Getting Demographics
Readings 8
Proj 9: Demographics

Statistical Analysis

Getting Response Times and Clicks
Readings 9

More Statistical Analyses

Randomizing and Counterbalancing
Readings 10

More Javascript and php

Social Networking Research
Readings 11
Proj 10: Data Mining

Wikis, blogs, chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thanksgiving Break

Data Mining on the Internet
Readings 12

Trolling the Web

Project Presentations